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Amritabhaasha: Communicate with Amma

Susi, Germany

The Amritabhaasha Malayalam class takes you straight to the core of Amma's teaching of love and compassion. The topics highlight main points of Amma's satsangs (spiritual talks) and bhajans (devotional songs). Amritapushpa is an excellent teacher who is able to present this vast ocean of Malayalam in a playful way. After a few classes I was able to understand the basic structure of sentences and keywords which instantly made me feel much more connected to Amma. I felt that the meaning of her teachings sunk deep into my memory.

Sadhana Retreat: Mantra Japa Level 1

Janice, USA

There were so many things I loved. I felt very healing and peaceful vibrations during the retreat. It was incredible to deeply connect in this way. I was really impressed by the functionality of the web client. Everything is very clear on my dashboard and easy to access. The video and audio quality was excellent. Om Amriteshwaryai Namah!

Kaimani Level 1: The Art of Handbells

Ravi, Singapore

This is a blessing! Instructors' enthusiasm for what they do and their dedication brought me happiness, and I feel happy for them too! The added satsangs are a blessing and I appreciated all of the tips and tricks for learning an instrument.

Holiday Reunion: One World, One Family

Jaganmayi, France

Thank you very much for this experience! I spent so many hours watching, laughing, and crying... I cannot express my gratitude properly. The courses you offer help us to stay near to Amma and feel very connected. THANK YOU!

Did You Know?

The Amrita Virtual Academy is an initiative to take the unique talent, know-how and wisdom that exists around Amma, and make it available to a broader audience, via online platforms.