Just as the wave is not separate from the ocean, we too are not separate from Mother Nature.


  • Led by Amma's Disciples

    The retreat is designed as a two-day reflection on Mother Nature led by Amma's disciples. You could also enjoy each part separately at your convenience in any way you like.

  • Guided Practices

    Japa meditation, chanting, guided meditations, Earth restorative practices, self-reflection, mindful movement, deep stretching, a special bhajan (devotional singing) session devoted to Nature and more!

  • Special Talks & Discussion Panels

    Watch inspiring satsangs (spiritual talks). Enjoy an invigorating discussion panel among the Amritaculture Gardening Instructors on catching the essence of spring.

  • Inspiring Evening Session

    Day 1 culminates with a very special evening program led by Brahmachari Madhavamrita Chaitanya. Delve into a deeply devotional bhajan singing session devoted to Mother Nature.

  • Self-Paced with Live Sessions

    Take in the comfort of your home in two days or throughout the month at your convenience. Replay and enjoy the practices as often as you like. Support your daily practices at home!

  • Joined by Other Panelists and Instructors

    The Amritaculture Gardening Instructors, Chef Vaju (Authentic Indian Cooking), Amritapushpa (Malayalam Instructor), Neelima (Mindful Movement Therapist), Nirmala (Deep Stretching Routines) and Padma (Natural Plant Dyeing) offer additional activities and insights.

  • Something for Everyone

    View the schedule to see all the different opportunities in this retreat. View Schedule Here.

Sessions Guided By

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Swami Shantamritananda Puri

MA Center Chicago

Pre-recorded Question & Answer Session

Swamini Ambikamrita Prana

MA Center San Ramon

Satsang: Sacred Traditions

Swamini Niranjanamrita Prana

M.A. Math, Amritapuri

Satsang - Love: The Original Eco-Activism

Brahmachari Atmaprakash Chaitanya

M.A. Math, Amritapuri

Inaugural Satsang - Ancient Scriptural Wisdom for Connecting to the Earth

Brahmachari Madhavamrita Chaitanya

M.A. Math, Amritapuri

Bhajans for Worshipping Nature

Brahmachari Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

MA Center Eastern North America

Morning Archana - Chanting the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother

Brahmachari Rishi Chaitanya

M.A. Math, Amritapuri

Guided Nature Meditations and Inspiring Satsangs (See schedule for more details)

Connect to Amma’s teachings under the guidance of her disciples!

Joined by Amrita Virtual Academy instructors and a panel of special guests and devotees.

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  • Materials Needed

    • Reliable internet access
    • Asana or comfortable, firm chair
    • Sacred space for practice
    • Notebook and pen

  • Enjoy Your Retreat!

    Stream anytime from computer, mobile or tablet without limit. The timing is flexible and self-paced.