The traditional name for the Headed Tambourine in Indian music is Ganjira.

In its traditional form it is a wooden single frame with a pair of jingles and a drum head that, nowadays, is typically made from goat skin or synthetic material. The Ganjira has been a part of Indian music for many centuries as a folk instrument for bhajans. It has a strong presence in South Indian Carnatic music where it is an essential part of South Indian classical performances.

Ganjira Live Session Details

Instructor - Brahmachari Vipin

This is the first of a series of live Ganjira 'Follow-Alongs' which will occur every two months. These sessions are open to current and new Ganjira students, and all AVA Members. It's okay if you haven't started playing yet—this session is a great way to get started!

Brahmachari Vipin will lead us in learning some basic Ganjira techniques. There will then be a discussion about various aspects of playing, followed by an open forum of questions and answers.

The style of tambourine playing taught in the Amrita Virtual Academy is unique in that it was conceived and developed by Brahmachari Vipin who started playing the tambourine at the age of 7. Br. Vipin is self-taught and developed his own techniques and methods out of his love and desire to play the instrument. He became a regular performer in the various festival celebrations at Amritapuri, such as Karthika Puja, Krishna’s Birthday and Shivaratri. A longtime ashram brahmachari, one day during Darshan, Amma told Br. Vipin to start giving classes on tambourine playing. These classes are now available online for all to enjoy through Amrita Virtual Academy.

This is the final live session for the season.

Please stay tuned for when the next series of live classes are announced!

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