Amrita + Agriculture = Amritaculture

Plant the seeds of Amma’s teachings through the spiritual practice of sustainable gardening.

Amritaculture is a philosophy that blends sustainable gardening and food cultivation practices with the teachings Amma has given regarding the human responsibility towards Nature. All practical aspects of the cultivation of natural resources in your garden will be covered, as well as addressing the spiritual aspect of growing food, learning from plants, animals, and other forms of nature, and living harmoniously with the Earth.

Rooted in Amma's Teachings

“Mother’s Garden” located accross the backwaters from Amma’s Ashram in Amritapuri, is a biodiverse ecosystem of trees, native plants, ayurvedic herbs and wildlife. What started as a small patch of unused land is now a living example of Amritaculture in action. Today, hundreds of people from around the world visit this beautiful, sustainable, living ecosystem that preserves Kerala’s native biodiversity. It has become a shining example of how Amma’s teachings can be put into practice. Receive teachings from some of Amma’s senior disciples, get your hands in the dirt, and start cultivating your own food, flowers, and fruit!

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Special Satsang on October 17th!

Five Elements of Creation :  Talk by Swami Shantamritananda Puri
Explore the unity of life and what the scriptures can teach us about creation, and how we can apply this wisdom to the relationship between humanity and Nature.

The topic will be covered in-depth,  so please download this free PDF Visual Aid and have it handy for Swamiji's talk.

Five Elements PDF 

You are invited to join the free, monthly live session hosted by the Amritaculture instructional team in Amritapuri. We include GreenFriends presentations from around the world, guest speakers and more. These lively and engaging sessions bring fellow gardeners from around the world together.

Third Sunday of the month!

Upcoming 2021 Dates:  Oct 17

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