All courses include

  • Hours of high quality instructional videos

  • Weekly on-demand classes for six weeks

  • 3 month access

  • Modifications so anyone can participate from expert to beginner

  • Progressive fitness challenge

  • Individual e-mail coaching & guidance

  • Unique devotional focus to transform the body, mind and spirit

Full bundle includes

  • Access to all modalities

  • Pick and choose your workouts

  • Full-length pre-recorded workouts

  • Progressive fitness training

  • Email coaching & support with fitness instructors

  • Materials available for 3 months

Meet Your Instructors

Akhilesh (Matti Rajakyla)

Core & Strength Trainer

Matti Rajakyla is a two time Olympic swimmer from Finland. After participating in both Athens and Beijing Olympics, he decided to dedicate the rest of his career to passing on the knowledge he got from his profession. Amongst various other accolades, highlights in his career are multiple national championships in Finland and 29th place in 50 Meters Freestyle, Beijing Olympics. He has worked as a Fitness Instructor in Finland and the US for the past 4 years.

Srividya S.

Dance Trainer

Srividya began performing as a dancer when she was five years old in Pune. Starting with Kathak, then onto ballet, hip hop, modern, belly dance, contemporary, tap, salsa, and finally shuffle dance. She usually spends most of the year with Amma. However, with travel off, she has been rediscovering the joy of dancing. She offers this online course in hopes that others may also experience the exhilarating and rewarding journey of learning to shuffle.

Surya Wohl

HIIT Trainer

Surya Wohl has been working as a truly holistic private exercise trainer and nutritionist for last 37 years helping people of all ages, fitness levels and walks of life reach their goals of higher levels of fitness, health and wellness. His favorite method of getting results with clients, and for himself, is his own application of functional high intensity interval training (HIIT). In this course, he will offer routines of modified HIIT that will be approachable and challenging for those of all levels of fitness.

Summer Semester Details:

  • Enrollment is Open

    Summer enrollment is open for a limited time only. The first week of materials are accessible starting June 15. You can enroll now to lock in your classes.

  • New workouts each week

    Each modality contains high quality, pre-recorded workouts with detailed breakdowns. Unique devotional focus to transform the body, mind and spirit

  • Self-paced and progressive

    Progressive fitness training available on-demand and your own pace. Access videos for three months from date of enrollment.

  • Fitness for ALL levels

    Our workouts are for all fitness levels! Beginners are welcome. Learn at your own pace!

  • Coaching

    Email coaching & support with fitness instructors. You can always email and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Questions? Email us!

Enrollment options for Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Bundle and save or pick your favorite topics a la carte. Sign-up begins June 8.

  • $49.00

    Shuffle Dance Workout
    With Srividya

  • $49.00

    High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    With Surya

  • $49.00

    Full Body Workout
    With Akilesh & Surya


Recommended Materials

We suggest having these materials to enhance your experience.

  • All Courses

    Comfortable exercise clothes
    Comfortable walking shoes
    Water bottle, towel & yoga mat

  • Core & Strength

    Chair (easy to move)
    Exercise Ball (like FitBall)

  • Full-Body Workout

    5 - 15 lb dumbbells

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

Centered on Amma's teachings & on enhancing health and concentration.