Learn to make Indian snacks (Chai, Samosa & Bhaji) with Amma’s European Tour chefs, Lavan & Sneha. Enjoy personal stories & delicious sweet prasad offerings: Kerala Payasam & North Indian Kheer with Lakshmi & Madhusmita, MA Center Chicago.

Coming February 2021

Stay tuned for updates!

Secret Recipes from Europe Tour

Released for the first time

Warming spiced chai, samosa, delicious red and white sauce and onion bhaji mixed with stories from Europe Tour's early days. Ends on a sweet note with traditional payasam and kheer from the MA Center Chicago.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pray and Eat

    • Bhojan Mantra - Chanting with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

    • Food Prayer Handout

  • 2


    • How to Make Chai

    • Chai Recipe

    • Interview with Lavan, Europe Tour Kitchen Chef

  • 3

    Samosa and Sauces

    • How to make Punjabi Samosas

    • Punjabi Samosa Recipe

    • Europe Tour's Famous White and Red Sauces!

    • Red Coconut Sauce Recipe (Red Sauce)

    • Mint Yogurt Sauce (White Sauce)

  • 4

    Onion Bhaji

    • Europe Tour's Famous Onion Bhaji!

    • Onion Bhaji Recipe

    • Interview with Sneha, Amma Europe

  • 5

    Sweet Prasad

    • Traditional Naipayasam (Kerala Payasam) with Lakshmi Aunty, MA Center Chicago

    • Kerala Payasam Recipe

    • North Indian Kheer Prasad with Madhusmita, MA Center Chicago

    • Kheer Recipe