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A Dialogue with Amma & Devi Bhajan Lyrics

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Start the course with a dialogue with Amma!

You tell Amma that you are learning Malayalam bhajan lyrics, and she is so happy! Then, understand the lyrics and imbibe the spiritual teachings of four of Amma’s Malayalam bhajans based on four different forms of the Divine Goddess.

Learn the lyrics with a focus on meaning, pronunciation and grammar, through instructional videos focused on both Malayalam and spiritual principles. Enjoy satsangs with disciples and cultural lessons on stories and traditions connected to Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali.

This course consists of a dialogue with Amma and the study of four of Amma’s bhajans in Malayalam. Students will be able to learn and understand the lyrics focusing on meaning, pronunciation, and grammar. We will also explore the various stories and traditions connected with Amma and the goddesses Durga, Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati, along with their spiritual significance and symbolism.

Each unit offers two video lectures for each lesson topic, the first on culture and spiritual principles, and the second on the Malayalam lyrics.

5 lesson units.
10 video lectures.

Open to all levels of experience.

Understand Amma’s mother tongue through Malayalam bhajans. Intensify your sadhana and feel connected!

Includes basics of Malayalam, informative culture lessons & music videos.

Course Details

  • Enrollment is Open!

    All pre-recorded, self-paced materials are accessible upon enrollment and viewable on your student dashboard.

  • Open to Everyone

    Our course is specifically designed for newcomers. No Malayalam experience required. Basics of Malayalam lesson included. Learn at your own pace with one-year access.

  • Five Themed Lesson Units

    Each lesson is a visual and musical treat, with beautiful slides displaying the content and embedded audio to practice. The lessons also contain video lectures, worksheets, a video of Amma singing the lesson’s bhajan, guest satsangs by disciples, bhajan practice recordings and more! View syllabus.

  • Ten Instructional Video Lectures

    Learn and practice along with your instructor in a supportive environment through two video lectures per lesson. The first lecture covers culture and spiritual principles related to the bhajan and its deity, the second is based on the Malayalam lyrics.

  • Personalized Coaching

    Receive direct, personal guidance through email coaching with the instructor and support team. Email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Deepen Your Bhajan Sadhana

With Amma’s blessings, we hope to send you some of the sweetness of Amma’s Love and Wisdom.

Amma’s bhajans are a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom. They not only help the devotee develop Bhakti or longing for God, but also encapsulate the scriptural teachings on God, devotion, the nature of the world, life and liberation. To sing a bhajan from the heart is to pray, to commune, to invoke the divine. Amma says when you sing a bhajan knowing the meaning of each word, you can sing with enjoyment. Your spiritual practice is incredibly enhanced. Inspired by Amma’s ethereal singing, this course attempts to help you understand the infinite beauty and significance of Amma’s Malayalam bhajans.

"Children, sing from the depth of your hearts. Let your heart melt in prayer. The joy of singing the Lord’s name is unique. Leave aside all shyness and open your heart to God."

- Amma

What Amritabhaasha Students Are Saying

Connecting with Amma

Amritabhaasha: Learn Bhajan Lyrics

My favorite part was the teacher's energy. Whatever she would teach I would join, because she makes it interesting and sweet. Through everything she connects us with Amma, and I am more than grateful for that. Big thanks to all the crew and the most to the great teacher.

Love and Grace

Amritabhaasha: Learn Bhajan Lyrics

Thank you for letting Amma work through you all in such a wonderful way. It all feels very personal, and I would have never thought this possible with online lessons. Amma is really with us and showering Her Love and Grace upon us during the whole of the course.

Understanding on a New Level

Amritabhaasha: Learn Bhajan Lyrics

It was very interesting to hear more deeply about the different deities—many new things came up. Quite new emotions came up when singing bhajans and the deities could be understood on a new level. To learn Malayalam this way was very good.

A Happy Camper!!!

USA / Americas
Amritabhaasha: Learn Bhajan Lyrics

The course (with Amma, of course) seemed to infuse my day, inform my thought patterns, inspire my desires, instruct my actions.... and just made me a happy camper!!! I love you all!

Amritabhaasha is a devotional experience.

Weave learning lyrics of Amma's Malayalam bhajans into your spiritual practice.

Syllabus for Self-Paced Lesson Materials

This course is divided into five lessons. Each lesson contains a thematic unit and two instructional video lectures. Lessons are posted to your Student Dashboard.

Lesson Topics
0. Orientation Materials
1. Dialogue with Amma
2. Durga
3. Lakshmi
4. Saraswati
5. Kali

No prior Malayalam experience needed.

Basics of Malayalam included. Open to all students interested in learning Malayalam, bhajans, Indian culture & spiritual principles.

Meet Your Instructor

Amritapushpa N.

Amritapushpa is a native Malayalam speaker who speaks multiple languages. She volunteers her time and experience in service to Amma and her devotees, and teaches the Amritabhaasha Malayalam courses at Amrita Virtual Academy.

Feel Amma’s Love no matter where you are!

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to learn Malayalam through bhajan lyrics online from Amritapuri.

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