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Learn Malayalam and to understand five of Amma's Malayalam bhajans in depth. Study the lyrics with a focus on meaning, pronunciation and grammar. Includes instructional lecture videos, prasad recipes, disciple satsangs and cultural lessons on the stories and traditions connected with Amma, Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna and Devi.

5 lesson units.
3+ hours of video per unit.
Open to all levels of experience.
Deepen your devotion and understanding of Amma's bhajans, Indian culture and Malayalam.

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This course takes you through five of Amma’s bhajans in Malayalam, helping you learn and understand the lyrics focusing on meaning, pronunciation, and grammar. We will also explore the various stories and traditions connected with Amma and deities like Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna, Devi along with their spiritual significance and symbolism.

We offer two instructional lecture video classes for each lesson: the first on culture and the second on the Malayalam language.

Course Details

  • Enrollment is open

    You can enroll now to view course materials! Everything is self-paced and on-demand. Learn at your own pace, in your own way.

  • Open to everyone

    Our course is specifically designed for newcomers. No Malayalam experience required. Beginners are welcome. Learn at your own pace.

  • Five themed units

    Each unit contains high quality, pre-recorded video lessons as well as handouts, worksheets, recipes, guest satsangs and more!

  • Ten instructional video lectures

    Follow along as the instructor gives you prompts to put your studies to the test. Each of the five units contain two instructional video lectures: the first contains cultural lessons and the second covers the language component.

  • Interact with your instructor!

    Email coaching with the instructor and support team. Receive direct, personal guidance. Email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Deepen Your Bhajan Sadhana

Open for enrollment. The language of your heart is love.

The sanctity and beauty of Amma’s divine, blissful singing is a bridge that helps us cross over to God’s world. Inspired by Amma’s singing, we have created this course which teaches you the lyrics and meaning of five of Amma’s Malayalam bhajans. We will learn each word of the bhajan, its meaning, pronunciation, and important grammar points. There is a listen and repeat segment, along with a karaoke track, to support you as you practice. Join us on this journey to learn the infinite depth and dimensions of Amma’s Malayalam bhajans, and have fun learning many rich traditions!

Amritabhaasha is a devotional experience.

Weave learning lyrics of Amma's Malayalam bhajans into your life.

What Amritabhaasha Students Are Saying

I feel Amma's presence

France, Canada
Amritabhaasha: Communicate with Amma

To me, this course is far beyond words. It is part of my sadhana, my commitment and craving for God. I feel Amma's presence. The very first video class I watched, I suddenly cried. Amma finds different ways to reach us according to our preferences and abilities. In a few months or years, I may forget some vocabulary, but my heart will be more fulfilled and free.

Grounded in Amma's teachings

Revathi, USA
Amritabhaasha: Communicate with Amma

I have enjoyed learning Malayalam with Amritapushpa and my class cohorts, as the course content is grounded in Amma's teachings. During these difficult times, it has brought us closer to Amma. Thank you for this opportunity.

Love and compassion

Susi, Germany
Amritabhaasha: Communicate with Amma

The Amritabhaasha Malayalam class takes you straight to the core of Amma's teachings of love and compassion. Amritapushpa is an excellent teacher who is able to present this vast ocean of Malayalam in a playful way. After a few classes I was able to understand the basic structure of sentences and keywords which instantly made me feel much more connected to Amma. I felt that the meaning of her teachings sunk deep into my memory.

It was so much fun!

Jayshree, USA
Amritabhaasha: Communicate with Amma

The Amritabhaasha class was very, very good. I learned so much about Malayalam in only a few short weeks. I am sure any of the students would recommend it. It was so much fun! It reinforces spiritual teachings and allows you to "play" with Amma. It is a sadhana in its own right.

"When sung with concentration and devotion, bhajans awaken the innocence deep within us and we feel the divine in our hearts."

- Amma

No prior Malayalam experience needed.

Open to all students interested in bhajans, Indian culture, or Malayalam.

Meet Your Instructor

Amritapushpa N.

Amritapushpa is a native Malayalam speaker who speaks multiple languages. She volunteers her time and experience in service to Amma and her devotees. Since the opening of Amrita Virtual Academy, she has been teaching the Amritabhaasha: Part 1 and Part 2 courses in Amrita Virtual Academy as well as Learn Bhajan Lyrics and Learn Devi Bhajan Lyrics courses.

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to learn Malayalam by studying bhajan lyrics online.