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    • Invocation Prayer to Amma

    • Inaugural Puja by Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri

    • Welcome Letter

    • Introduce Yourself

    • Join the AVA Mosaic

    • Closing Prayers for World Peace

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    • Movie Night Schedule

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    • Accessing Course from a Smart Device

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    Private Facebook Group

    • Private Facebook Group

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    Let's Make Chai!

    • Europe Tour's Chai Recipe

    • "How to Make Chai" with Lavan, Europe Tour Chef

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    The Lord's Prayer: A Musical on the Life of St. Francis (2014)

    • The Lord’s Prayer: a Musical on the Life of St. Francis

    • Abwoon D'Bashmaya - Aramaic Version of "The Lord's Prayer"

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    David and the Goliath (2015)

    • David and the Goliath: A Parable from 'Jesus as a Child' (2015)

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    The Life of an Elephant: Parables from Mary, Mary, Mary (2010)

    • The Parable of the Sower

    • The Good Samaritan

    • You Give My Life Joy and Happiness

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    Closing Survey

    • Closing Survey

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    Cast and Crew Interviews

    • Behind the Scenes of “The Lord's Prayer”

    • "Staging" with Devika, Devapriya & Kripasagar

    • "Music" with Atulita, Rudran & Anu Chechi

    • "Puppets" with Seetala

    • Making Puppets

    • "Costumes" with Aparna

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    Kid's Corner

    • Coloring Book - India Theme

    • Coloring Book - Scenes from the Plays and Parables

    • Coloring Book - Christmas

The Lord's Prayer

An original Amritapuri musical production.

Get a backstage look at the process behind the scenes with never before seen interviews from the cast and production team. Watch three extra parables to learn spiritual truths through beautiful and dramatic stories. Start your movie night off right with a cup of hot chai from the Europe Tour kitchen crew’s secret recipe. Finally, there are extra activities for children included, creating a full family experience.