Open to New and Returning Myofascial Students

Learn five of the most powerful Myofascial Stretching practices to restore and balance the body and mind:

Releasing the Lower Back
Managing Back Pain
Melting Joint Blockages & Care for the Upper Body
Head, Neck & Pelvis Connections
Full Body Integration.

Nirmala has carefully put together a complete full-body Myofascial Stretching package. Each session focuses on a particular region of the body, while at the same time, positively impacting the entire body as a whole. Targeted sessions include:

 1) Pelvis, hips and lower back
 2) The spinal column
 3) Upper back and shoulder joints
4) Cranium-sacrum connection
5) A full-body integration session

By gentling and slowly stretching the connective tissues of the body, you can improve your posture and sense of well-being, experiencing a deeper connection with yourself. Myofascial Stretching is a holistic practice which affects the entire body and mind.

In our daily life we face many challenges and difficult situations: Body pain from sitting or standing long hours, difficult relationships & health issues of the body and mind.

Myofascial Stretching is a holistic method that releases physical and emotional tensions.

What are people saying?

I feel great!

Nancy, USA

What was my favorite part of this workshop? The instructor's sweet manner, the clarity of the instructions and the way I feel after having done the practice! I do a lot of yoga so I didn't expect such simple stretching to do much, but I found it definitely relaxed my entire body! I'm a little surprised and look forward to integrating the technique into my daily routines. The effect is much like that of a good, deep meditation session. Thank you!

Getting relief!

John, Australia

Thank you for making these learnings available online. I am so enjoying it. I currently have hip flexor pain in both hips and sciatica in right leg and I am getting relief after the stretch. The content was wonderful and I also appreciated the production quality of the videos--really quite beautiful. I look forward to taking more sessions from AVA.

Professionally done!

Fran, Denmark

I would like to say how well put together I felt the course and introduction to it were. Fairly simple to follow what to do. I thought that the quality of production was really good and it all felt very professionally done. Thank you.

Fascia provides support and protection for most structures within the human body.

By stretching fascia, you can experience immediate relief, removing deep contractions and pains, raising your healing potential and self awareness.

Meet your instructor:

Nirmala, Amritapuri

Nirmala is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Body-Mind Therapist from Spain with over 30 years of experience. She met Amma in 1997 and currently lives in Amritapuri, conducting regular Myofascial Stretching Workshops for residents and visitors, restorative classes for Pancha Karma patients and individual therapy sessions in the Amrita Holistic Care department.

Nirmala has always had a great interest to find a way out of the suffering and pain of the body and mind. After a few years practicing and teaching Yoga, she realized that many deep tensions were difficult to reach and release completely. Through her personal search and experience, Nirmala discovered Myofascial Stretching. Myofascial Stretching is a holistic, conscious method with very positive and immediate results.

Myofascial Stretching helps to alleviate pain, postural imbalances, emotional blockages and deepen Yoga and Meditation practices.