5 Unit Course.
2 Live Sessions.
1-year Access upon Enrollment

Welcome to the World of Natural Fabric Dyeing!

  • Class Structure

    Weekly units structured with spiritual, environmental and practical components. Emphasis on devotional dye blends and sacred fabrics.

    Creative, intuitive exploration to cultivate self-discovery.

    Materials released in bi-weekly intervals. We recommend you plan for two weeks per unit, but you can adjust the pacing as needed for a self-paced course.

  • Multi-Dimensional Learning!

    • Beautiful video lectures and guided demonstrations
    • PDF handouts
    • Dye tips and recipes
    • Assignments for home practice
    • Inspiring interviews
    • Swami satsangs on nature
    • Guided meditations, prayers and plant contemplations
    • Immersion in technical aspects and devotion

  • Instructor and Community Interaction

    2 Live Discussion Sessions with the instructor:

    • Session #1: Attuning to Art & Creativity with Plant Dyeing
    Sun, June 5, 10pm IST
    • Session #2: Fostering Wellness with Medicial Textiles
    Sun, July 10, 10pm IST

    Technical and educational support via email with the instructional team.

    Questions? E-mail us!

“When we human beings fall in love with nature,

she will fall in love with us. She will stop hiding things from us. Opening her infinite treasure of wealth, she will allow us to enjoy it. Like a mother, she will protect, nurture, and nourish us.”

— Amma

Art of Natural Plant Dyeing
Course Schedule
  • May 1 - Enrollment begins (Pre-order)
  • May 12 - Orientation & Unit 1 Release
  • May 26 - Unit 2 Releases
  • June 5 - Live Session #1, Sun 10 PM IST
  • June 16 - Unit 3 Releases
  • June 30 - Unit 4 Releases
  • July 10 - Live Session #2, Sun 10 PM IST
  • July 14 - Unit 5 Releases
  • Continue streaming on-demand!

Materials Needed and Pre-Requisites

No experience needed. Beginners welcome.
Open to all levels of experience. Both beginners and those with a background in the arts or textiles will benefit.

Materials Needed:
Plain cotton and/or silk fabrics. Natural dyeing ingredients and salts (details sent by e-mail after registration).

Safety Tools:
Apron, dust mask, rubber gloves, goggles (note - goggles are optional).

Dye Tools:
Stainless steel pot, wooden or stainless steel spoons, cooking thermometer, string for tying, washing bucket, pH neutral soap, cleaning rags, strainer, tongs, glass/mason jars for storage.

Meet Your Instructor

Padma, Amritapuri

Aum Namah Shivaya,
Dear friends,

With a heart full of gratitude, I would like to share my journey into natural dyeing with you. I have been doing seva (selfless service) in the textile department in Amritapuri since 2012. Natural dyeing came to me and opened up a world of beauty and wonder. Growing our own plants helped me deepen my connection with the land and return to my ancient roots and a love for the earth. Rejoining with this cycle of life—from seeding, to tending, to harvesting, to dyeing, to stitching and finally, to wearing—reminds us how we once lived and can live again.

Dyeing with plants is an incredible art form. It’s a way to put forth our love and efforts to restore harmony back to the earth. We see that any small effort made to help to reduce the effects of pollution in the world today can go a long way. This is a devotional, creative approach to natural dyeing, with the hope of using it as a sadhana to deepen our bond to the divine.

With love,

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