Course. Small Group, Live Interactive Zoom Sessions. 1-year Access upon Enrollment. In Development.

In this course you will...

  • Learn spoken Sanskrit the traditional way to expand your mind and develop new ways of thinking

  • Pronounce Sanskrit words and sentences correctly

  • Start using and understanding simple words and grammar for everyday conversation

  • Meet weekly in live, interactive Zoom calls with your instructor, simulating a live classroom experience

  • Benefit from small class sizes for a personalized learning experience with cohorts around the world

  • Access lecture notes and replays to reinforce learning and support study between live classes

Cutting-edge online Sanskrit classroom

Join seasoned teacher Br. Saktipriyan and a global cohort of students, for this unique opportunity to study and receive world-class training in classical Spoken Sanskrit—from the comfort of your own home.

Swaagatam. Welcome.

Course Description

Knowledge is like an ocean. In this course, we are trying to have a small sip. Our goal is to get friendly with and introduced to Samskritam, the foremost language of the world. 

This course is structured in the form of one Quarter (10 weeks, 1 hour per week). The course is structured innovatively using curriculum inspired by Samskrita Bharati. It will allow a beginning level student to develop hearing, understanding and speaking Sanskrit through a streamlined set of exercises.

Please note, this course will only cover speaking Sanskrit. It follows the traditional approach. Learn like a child and immerse in the beautiful sounds, slowly increasing comprehension and vocabulary in time.

Learning Objectives: In this course, students will be able to: 

  • Pronounce simple Sanskrit words with the correct pronunciation.
  • Understand and speak in simple sentences.
  • Develop an introductory Sanskrit vocabulary.
  • Complete simple exercises and gain the right skills required for further studies in Sanskrit.

Prerequisites: No prior experience needed. A commitment to attend 90% of the live sessions without fail.

Faculty / Instructor: Br. Saktipriyan, Amritapuri.

Start Date: TBD

End Date: 10 weeks after starting date

Day: Various options based on time zone

Time: 60-minutes per week

Bonus: 30-minutes extra of doubt clearing per week. The instructor is available 15-minutes before and after each live class for questions (office hours).

Quarter Offered: TBD

Meet Your Instructor

Br. Saktipriyan, Amritapuri

Aum Namah Shivaya,

Sanskrit a rich cultural language. Much of the Indian spiritual wisdom is written in Sanskrit. In this course, we are learning some basic words and sentences.

I first met Amma in 1984 and with her grace, graduated with First Rank in Masters in Sanskrit, from Kerala University, in 1995. I was also trained by Samskrita Bharati to teach Sanskrit.

From 1996 to 2003 I taught Sanskrit classes in Amritapuri for two months per year while when Amma was away for the US tours. In 2020 I again resumed teaching in Amritapuri. Amma has encouraged me to now focus on online teaching for AVA students around the world.

We all are grateful and thank Amma for giving us this golden opportunity to learn.

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah,
Saktipriyan, Sanskrit Instructor
Amrita Virtual Academy