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Learn the basics of tabla and how to apply those skills for bhajans. Perfect to learn to play in your satsang group! We will focus on learning the main beats: 4, 5, 6, 7. Also covers improvisation and how to tune the tabla.

Tabla Instructor

Brahmachari Hari, Amritapuri

Originally there were about 10 westerners participating in classes held twice a week and a few kids also. In 2017 Amma called Brahmachari Hari, one of the experienced tabla players in Amritapuri and instructed him to begin expanding the tabla classes. Then, 80 brahmacharini's registered under Amma's prompting. Due to the encouragement that Amma was putting behind this, almost all the children living in Amritapuri asked to have their classes too, in addition to more international residents and visitors.

A big event took place in the main hall on the Vijayadashami day that September. While Amma was giving darshan, about 100 of the tabla students who had been attending classes for just over 2 months gave a group performance. The synchronicity was truly magical and lead to regular tabla performances in front of Amma on festivals.
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