12-Week Course.
Instructor Interaction for Customized Feedback.

Learn the basics of tabla, the Indian set of two hand drums, and how to apply those skills for bhajans. Perfect to learn to play in your satsang group! We will focus on learning the main beats: 4, 5, 6, 7. Improvisation and how to tune the tabla are also covered. Interact with your instructor by submitting video assignments and receive direct, personal feedback.

Tabla Instructor

Brahmachari Harikesh, Amritapuri

Originally there were about 10 westerners and a few children participating in tabla classes in Amritapuri, held twice a week. In 2017, Amma called Brahmachari Harikesh, one of the experienced tabla players in Amritapuri and instructed him to begin expanding the tabla classes. Then, 80 brahmacharini's registered under Amma's prompting. Due to the encouragement that Amma was putting behind this, almost all the children living in Amritapuri asked to have classes too. Many more international residents and visitors also decided to learn tabla.

A big event took place in the main hall on the holiday Vijayadashami that September. While Amma was giving darshan, about 100 of the tabla students who had been attending classes for just over 2 months gave a group performance. The synchronicity was truly magical and lead to regular tabla performances in front of Amma on festivals. Watch this special moment in the video below!

"There is a rhythm to everything in creation,

an undeniable relationship between the entire universe and every living creature within it."

- Amma

Course Details:

  • Enrollment is open

    You can enroll for this self-paced course at any time by joining the Amrita Virtual Academy Membership. When you join the membership, this course will be visible as an icon on your student dashboard right away and you will get access to the first installment of content.

  • New lessons each week

    Materials will be released to you in weekly intervals after your unique enrollment date. Each week contains high quality, pre-recorded instructional videos with expert guidance. Enjoy handouts, special pujas and more!

  • Self-paced and progressive

    Progressive tabla lessons on-demand and at your own pace. 12 weeks of lessons.

  • Coaching

    Email coaching & support with Brahmachari Harikesh. You can also send in videos of your playing to get individualized, personal feedback and guidance. Email [email protected] for assistance.

  • Special guest satsangs

    Exclusive guest speakers such as Amma's senior disciples Swami Amritaswarupananda, Swamini Suvidyamrita Prana - and world renowned musician Wah!

  • Learning as a sadhana

    Our unique program incorporates Amma's teachings to bring spirituality into your musical journey. Delve deep into yourself as you learn the tabla.

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We are excited to offer Tabla classes online!

You are invited to join the hundreds of Amritapuri residents in learning this sacred instrument. Enrollment is open!

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