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Join us for an in-depth step by step guide to Tulasi growth and care. Essential to successfully grow healthy Tulasi plants in any region.

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    You can enroll at any time—there is no cut-off date. Get prepared to grow beautiful and healthy Tulasi plants!

    This is a self-paced workshop. Lesson materials release to your dashboard upon joining the Amrita Virtual Academy Membership.

  • What's in the Course?

    Detailed instructional videos for all aspects of Tulasi growth. Includes ideal soil preparation, seed sowing, transplanting, indoor and outdoor growing, seed collection, maintenance and care, harvesting and much more!

    Includes an introduction to Tulasi that shares the story of Amma’s inspiring guidance behind growing Tulasi!

  • Instructor and Community Interaction

    Gain access to an exclusive online community of like-minded Tulasi growers. Share and exchange knowledge.

    Enjoy regular access to the instructional team through email: [email protected]

Growing and honoring Tulasi plants is an ancient tradition practiced in India for thousands of years. Amma encourages her devotees from all over the world to take part in this tradition to reawaken the values of Love and Respect for Nature.

Open to All
No experience or pre-requisites needed. Both beginners and those with a background in gardening will benefit. No need to complete any prior Amritaculture courses to join.

Class Structure
This workshop is a step-by-step progression of easy to follow instructional videos. Covers all aspects of tulasi growth and care with indispensable growing information and insightful tips from experienced growers.

For questions about this course, please contact:
[email protected]

“The Ancients loved and worshiped trees and plants such as the Tulasi…because the Ancients knew that they, themselves, in truth, were one with all of Nature.”

- Amma

Let’s Grow Tulasi!
Workshop Curriculum
  • Introduction to Tulasi with Sarvaga
  • Meet Karen, Tulasi Instructor
  • Mixing Soil for Tulasi (Seeding and Pots)
  • Sowing Tulasi Seeds: Part 1
  • Sowing Tulasi Seeds: Part 2 - Mini Greenhouse Seeding
  • Transplanting Tulasi
  • Caring for Tulasi Transplants
  • Up-potting Tulasi into Larger Pots
  • Transplanting Tulasi Outdoors
  • Growing Tulasi Indoors
  • Tulasi Tales: The Seven-year Tulasi Mother
  • Tulasi Tales: Krishna Tulasi
  • Harvesting Tulasi Flowers and Seeds

"Tulasi Devi: Goddess of Devotion"

Add to your knowledge of Tulasi! This book explores Tulasi's vast medicinal applications in Ayurveda and modern medicine, cultiviation in diverse climates around the world, ancient legends, traditional worship, and personal experiences.

Meet Your Instructors

Karen Powers

Northwest Washington professional gardener, Tulasi instructor

Aum Namah Shivaya

Much of my life has been spent loving and caring for plants. On our small farm in the Northwest my husband and I were fortunate enough to make a living growing organic vegetables for many years. After meeting Amma I began growing and learning about Tulasi. For many years I have been fortunate to be able to annually contribute hundreds of Tulasi saplings for Amma’s programs in North America. Growing Tulasi has had a profound effect on my life like no other plant. I am so excited to be able to share what I have learned with you!


Founding GreenFriends member, Tulasi Instructor

My journey with Tulasi began over 18 years ago when Amma gave me a large packet of Tulasi seeds and asked me to plant the first Tulasi garden in Amritapuri. I have had the opportunity to garden, grow Tulasi, and help teach others by coordinating the Greenfriends program on Amma’s international tours ever since.

Amma’s direct guidance and the many years of working with this sacred and healing plant has been an immense blessing and Grace in my life. I feel so honored to share some of what I have learned with all of you.

Connect to your roots!

Participate in developing love for Nature through the ancient and devotional practice of growing Tulasi!