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Our Enrollment Process

  • Create an Account

    Create an account with Amrita Virtual Academy. It is free to do so. Afterwards, you can enroll in any of our programs using your Amrita Virtual Academy log-in ID.

  • Secure Check-out

    Enroll using our secure, encrypted payment system. We support most international credit cards through Stripe and PayPal. Prices are in USD.

  • After Enrollment

    Check your e-mail for a welcome letter and sign in to your Amrita Virtual Academy account.

  • Visit Your Student Dashboard

    All program content is hosted on the Amrita Virtual Academy e-learning platform. Simply visit your Student Dashboard.

  • Follow the Schedule

    Enjoy the on-demand materials at your convenience. Join us for any live sessions or catch the replays. As new content releases, it will post to your Student Dashboard.

  • Enjoy Your Program!

    Each program has a unique access window. During enrollment, stream anytime from computer, mobile or tablet without limit. The timing is flexible and self-paced.

Get Oriented

Helpful Guides to Your Student Dashboard

  • Player Guide

    A quick 1-minute walkthrough of your course player. Open any program from your Student Dashboard & click ⍰ in the upper right corner to open "Player Guide Help".

  • New Student Orientation

    Watch the New Student Orientation located near the top of your Student Dashboard. This only takes 10 minutes!

  • Help and Support Bar

    Scroll to the bottom of your Student Dashboard for quick tip guides on: Using the Course Player, Technical Tips, Community Discussion Boards & Zoom.

Tech Check

Are you having trouble accessing your materials?

Please review these best practices which solve many common issues

  • Keep Your Web Browser Updated

    We only support the latest 2 versions of web browsers. Check to see if your web browser needs updating with instructions how:

  • Use a Supported Desktop Brower

    - Chrome
    - Firefox
    - Microsoft Edge
    - Safari

  • Use a Supported Mobile Browser

    - Chrome
    - Firefox
    - iOS Safari (11 and up)
    - Samsung Internet

  • View Slideshows on Computers/Tablets

    Slides are most easily viewed on a computer or tablet, though they are still accessible on the phone.

  • Know How to Download PDFs

    First, click on the PDF lesson. Then, find the download icon in the upper right hand corner of the course player and click to download.

  • Check System Requirements

    - Javascript enabled
    - PDF plugin
    - Graphic and audio output capability
    - Min recommended internet speed: 5Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions

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Prospective Students

  • How do I register?

    Students can choose their desired course, create a free account with an email ID, and then securely pay to enroll into the course. Class materials, resource videos, and links to the live sessions and replays will be housed on the your Student Dashboard at

    After enrollment, students will receive detailed information on the classes and how they are structured. Students can always reach out to our Support Team (") for additional help.

  • How do the courses work?

    All courses follow a self-paced format with engaging video lessons and supplemental materials delivered to at varying intervals. Each course is unique and has detailed information about the duration and format. Check the course catalog for those details.

  • How much do courses cost?

    The cost of courses varies depending on the course and its duration. Some workshops and retreats are very affordable and can be taken in just a few hours. While other courses, such as music, language or gardening, require a longer duration and commitment to practice to learn.

  • What is the difference between a course, a workshop and a retreat?

    Courses are designed to study a topic in depth for a minimum of four weeks of studies. Some courses have units with up to twelve weeks of lesson materials. Courses generally have one-year access to the materials to allow self-paced studies and have extension opportunities if desired.

    Workshops are designed to be completed in a few hours and have varying access windows.

    Retreats are guided spiritual practices that allow you to take an on-demand, self-paced retreat at home. Sometimes, retreats are also offered live.

  • Can I drop into one session to see what it’s like?

    At this time, classes cannot be taken individually. You must enroll in the whole course. However, we invite you to join a short workshop to get a taste of what our programs are like.

    On occasion, we may invite you to join a free live session or free preview of a program. Please follow our social media (Facebook or Instagram) for news.

  • I am a beginner and have no prior experience in music, Malayalam or gardening. Where should I start?

    You don’t need any prior experience! Beginners are welcome. Our courses are designed for both beginners and those with some experience. Since our courses include engagement with the instructor, we have something for everyone and the opportunity for differentiated learning. Our courses are very unique and the content cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Will you be offering intermediate or advanced courses in particular subjects?

    We plan to offer courses that support each other or build upon one another. Please stay tuned. You can subscribe for updates or follow our social media (Facebook, Instagram or Youtube) for news.

  • How can I stay updated?

    You can subscribe for e-mail updates or follow our social media (Facebook, Instagram or Youtube) for news. Please also look out for emails from Amma North America with our updates.

After Enrollment

  • How do I access the course/workshop/retreat?

    Visit "My Dashboard"

    All of your content is hosted on your dashboard. Log-in with the above link. After logging in, click on "MY DASHBOARD" at the top of the page to view all the programs you are enrolled in. From there, simply click your program's icon to begin or resume.

  • What is my sign-in ID?

    Your user ID for signing in is the same e-mail address or linked login (Facebook/Gmail) you used to create an account and enroll.

    If you can't remember, please e-mail us with your name and the course you enrolled in and we will help you get logged in.

  • What if I forget my password?

    If you ever forget your password, you can reset it here:
    Reset Password

  • I'm not receiving e-mails about my course

    Some e-mail providers may accidentally filter e-mails from us to your spam or promotions filter. We are sorry it is not reaching your inbox.

    Please check your spam or promotions folder. Make sure to whitelist "" by adding Amrita Virtual Academy to your contacts list.

  • I can't attend the live session or I missed it. Is there a replay?

    The replay of your live session will be posted to your Student Dashboard in the appropriate section of your course, workshop or retreat.

  • I need help! Who do I contact?

    For all needs and questions about the course content, you may e-mail us at:

    For technical issues, please contact:

  • What if I miss a live session?

    Live classes will be recorded and uploaded to the student dashboard and accessible for the duration of the course. Courses have varying access windows which are clearly stated on the check-out page when you enroll.

  • Are courses interactive?

    Many of our live sessions include the opportunity to interact over Zoom with your instructor or retreat host. Other courses all interaction over e-mail or in the Community Discussion Board. Please read the details on the registration page of each course, retreat or workshop.

Course Access

  • When does my course/workshop/retreat access expire?

    To see when access to your program expires, please visit My Order History on your Student Dashboard.

  • Can I extend access after my course expires?

    Yes. For all courses, you can renew access or extend access to your favorite AVA courses with our exclusive Private Memberships.

    After your initial course's enrollment ends, you may renew monthly or annually with the option to cancel or resume at any time. With our private membership, you can review course materials whenever you want, for as long as you like.

    Please note, each Private Membership is only available to students who have previously enrolled in that particular course. For example, if you previously enrolled in Tabla: Level 1, you are eligible to renew your tabla studies. If you did not yet enroll in Kaimani: Level 1, you cannot join the kaimani renewal feature. Instead, you need to first enroll in the full Kaimani: Level 1 course.

    How Do I Enroll?

    To join the Private Membership for a specific course, please email to receive the registration link.

    Please specify which course you want to join the membership for. We will confirm if you have previously enrolled in that course and then send the registration links.

  • Can I extend my workshop or retreat access after it expires?

    Please complete your retreat or workshop during the enrollment access window. If you want to take the workshop or retreat again, please enroll a second time.

  • I signed up for a course, but its not showing up on my Student Dashboard

    Occasionally, some students have created two different Amrita Virtual Academy accounts with differerent e-mail addresses. For example, they registered for one course with a personal e-mail ID, and then another course with a work e-mail ID. Please e-mail us with your full name, email address, and the course you believe you registered for and we will help verify if you enrolled with a successful payment, and if so, under which account.

  • How do I access live session replays?

    Replays are posted to your Student Dashboard as a lesson inside of the course you registered for. Do not click the Zoom link after the call ended as it won’t take you to the replay. Instead, please visit your student dashboard.

Payment Questions

  • My payment is not going through!

    We do our best to offer payment options that support all of our global students. On a rare occasion, some students are unable to successfully make a payment due to restrictions from their local bank.

    If you are having trouble paying, please e-mail and we will provide you an alternate payment method. Please tell us which country you live in and which course you are trying to register for.

  • I need a receipt

    Upon enrollment, a receipt is automatically sent to the e-mail ID you registered with. If you did not receive it, please check your spam or promotions folder and look for an e-mail from Amrita Virtual Academy called [Amrita Virtual Academy] Receipt for Order ORD#######

    You can also access your entire library of receipts and Order History here. Click on the Order # of the program you need a receipt for. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click the button "Print Receipt".

  • Gift Cards

    Please see the bottom section of our Gift Cards page for all questions answered related to:

    - What is a gift certificate?
    - How does it work?
    - How long is it valid?
    - What if the gift card gets used and there is still a remaining balance?
    - Can I get a custom value gift certificate?
    - Can I get multiple gift certificates?

  • How do I change/delete a saved credit card?

    Stored credit cards can be managed from the Billing section of your Account.

    For more information, please visit:
    Guide to change/delete a saved credit card.

Questions about Memberships

  • What is my membership renewal date?

    To see your unique renewal date, please visit My Account Billing on your Student Dashboard.

  • If I cancel a membership, how long do I retain access to content?

    If you cancel your membership, you will retain access to course materials until the next renewal date according to the subscription model you selected.

  • How do I cancel a subscription?

    To end subscription payments, visit My Account Billing on your Student Dashboard and click on "Cancel" for that subscription

  • How do I switch from monthly to annual (or vice versa)?

    Please reach out to and we will be happy to assist you with this and explain the process

If you are having a technical issue, please include the following info so we can better assist you

  • Name of course or workshop

  • What browser you are using

  • What device (laptop, computer, mobile or tablet)

  • What operating system (Microsoft, iOS, Android, etc)

  • If possible, please send a photo or screenshot of the issue