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  1. Understand and agree that there are no refunds allowed on any purchased Courses.

  2. Agree not to record any Course content in any format, such as audio recording, video recording, photography, screenshots or screenshares. 

  3. Agree not to distribute any of the materials provided by any Course instructors.  Such materials include videos, links, powerpoint presentations, live session links, PDFs, or word document files of any kind.  I understand that any Course materials hosted on the e-learning platform will not be available indefinitely.

  4. Agree to waive any rights to the recordings of any live sessions held in connection with any Course.

  5. Agree to my being included in any recording (including the recording of my own audio and video) of any live session held in connection with any Course I purchased and in which I participated (“My Recording”).

  6. Agree to the reuse of any of My Recordings for Courses other than the Course(s) in which I directly participated.  

  7. Agree to assume all risks, full responsibility, and liability for participating in any Course.

  8. Understand that generally meditation, yoga, exercise, holistic practices, learning an instrument, gardening, cooking, dance, art and other spiritual or educational activities are safe and beneficial. Like anything, they need to be practiced judiciously, correctly and cautiously. If I experience pain at any time during a Course, I should stop immediately.

  9. Understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participating in a Course.

  10. Acknowledge that I should always consult with my physician or other healthcare provider before changing diet, starting an exercise program or before undergoing potentially rigorous physical activities such as gardening, dance, movement classes, etc.

  11. Hereby expressly and willingly assume all risks, full responsibility and liability for participating in any physical exercises, dance movements, therapeutic techniques etc., presented therein, taught through any Course.

  12. Hereby expressly and willingly assume all risks, full responsibility and liability for participating in any myofascial postures, yoga postures, poses, breathing practices, meditation sessions, etc., presented therein any Course.

  13. Take full-responsibility for my physical, emotional and mental health and will stop participation in a Course and seek medical consultation or treatment if any physical illness, mental illnesses or emotional disturbances or imbalances arise. I understand the Course is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

  14. Agree to forever waive any right to sue MA Center, its instructors, or any person deemed a representative thereof (“MA Center Representatives”) for any claims resulting from my participation in classes and sessions in connection with any Course, except those claims resulting from the willful misconduct of MA Center or any MA Center Representatives.

  15. Understand that this disclaimer document shall be governed, and interpreted, by the laws of the State of California.

  16. Acknowledge that I am participating in the Course(s) on a voluntary basis.  

  17. Acknowledge that Amrita Virtual Academy will use the e-mail address I provide as the primary method for communication.

  18. Allow the Amrita Virtual Academy to contact me with general announcements with the option to unsubscribe clearly visible in such general emails I receive.

  19. Understand the information on this website is subject to change without prior notice.

  20. Acknowledge AVA reserves the right to amend this Terms of Use at any time. No individual notice of such changes will be provided, but will appear on this website in the form of a revised and newly dated Terms of Use. AVA will post the changes on this page and indicate at the bottom of this page the date these terms were last revised. 

  21. Acknowledge my continued use of the Course after the date any such changes become effective constitutes my acceptance of the new Terms of Use. 

  22. Have read and understood this document in its entirety. 

  23. Voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions for participating in all parts of any Course, as described above.

  24. Acknowledge that the terms and conditions of this disclaimer outlined immediately above supersede and replace in entirety any other disclaimer in connection with any Course to which I may have agreed, and/or which I may have signed, prior to this date.

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