4 Week Course. Self-Paced. 1-year Access upon Enrollment.

Open to anyone, even those who have not completed Part 1

4 Week Self-Paced Course

Topics in Part 2 include:

  • Health

  • Family

  • Love and Marriage

  • Devotion and Bhakti

  • Sentence Structure Basics

  • Live Sessions Available!

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What are students saying?

It was so much fun!

Jayshree, USA

The Amritabhaasha class was very, very good. I learned so much about Malayalam in only a few short weeks. I am sure any of the students would recommend it. It was so much fun! It centers around real-world conversations [as if you were speaking with Amma]. It reinforces spiritual teachings and allows you to "play" with Amma. It is a sadhana in its own right.

Excellent teacher!

Susi, Germany

The Amritabhaasha Malayalam class takes you straight to the core of Amma's teachings of love and compassion. The topics highlight main points of Amma's satsangs and bhajans. Amritapushpa is an excellent teacher who is able to present this vast ocean of Malayalam in a playful way. After a few classes I was able to understand the basic structure of sentences and keywords which instantly made me feel much more connected to Amma. I felt that the meaning of her teachings sunk deep into my memory.

Grounded in Amma's teachings!

Revathi, USA

I have enjoyed learning Malayalam with Amritapushpa chechi and my class cohorts, as the course content is grounded in Amma's teachings. During these difficult times, it has brought us closer to Amma. I hope to be able to speak and write to Amma in Malayalam. Thank you for this opportunity.

Far beyond words!

France, Canada

To me, this course is far beyond words. It is part of my sadhana, my commitment and craving for God. I feel Amma's presence. The very first video class I watched, I suddenly cried. Amma finds different ways to reach us according to our preferences and abilities. In a few months or years, I may forget some vocabulary, but my heart will be more fulfilled and free.

Direct and Personal Instruction

Tune into live sessions for direct feedback from the instructor. Ask questions over e-mail or in the live calls and join our Amritabhaasha Community where students post questions and receive answers worldwide.

Important Dates & Info

  • Enrollment is open

    You can enroll for this self-paced course anytime. Remember, this is Part 2 of the same Level 1 course offered in August. When you order this course, it will be visible as an icon on your student dashboard right away.

  • Lessons release once per week

    You will get access to the first installment of content upon enrollment. Materials will then be released to you in weekly intervals after this, based on your enrollment date.

  • Live Sessions Begin April 10

    Add four live sessions with the instructor, once per week to support each lesson. Ask questions in real-time, receive answers, and practice dialogues together. Open to all Amritabhaasha students (new enrollments and students previously enrolled) to review and reinforce the weekly lesson material.

How to Add-On Live Sessions

Registration details will be located inside the course and also e-mailed to all enrolled students. Live Sessions will take place in the Spring

Live Session Schedule*

You may select either option, whichever best suits your schedule

Saturdays: 6:30 AM IST and 1:30 PM IST
April 10, 24, May 1 and May 8
Note - no class on April 17

There are two time slots available suited for different time zones: 

Sat, 6:30 AM IST
Fri, 6:00 PM PST
Fri, 9:00 PM EST

Note - For USA the class is Friday night and hosted Saturday morning IST.

OPTION 2 - International
1:30 PM India
10 AM Paris
 6 PM Melbourne

*Schedule and availability is subject to change due to unpredictable governmental regulations during the global pandemic

Course Content

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  • 1

    Live Session Registration (April 10 - May 8)

    • About and Registration

  • 2

    Welcome to Amritabhaasha Part 2!

    • Invocation Prayer

    • Important Information and Support Emails

    • Welcome Letter

    • Course Guidelines and Tips

    • How to Study - A Message from the Instructor

    • Contemplation

    • Closing Prayers for World Peace

  • 3

    Community Discussion Board

    • Link to Visit Your Community Discussion Board

    • How to Access Your Community

  • 4

    Study Buddy Groups

    • About Study Buddies and Sign-Up

  • 5

    Basics of Malayalam

    • Basics of Malayalam

  • 6

    Week 1: Love and Marriage

    • Invocation Prayer

    • Lesson 1 Video 1 (Introduction)

    • Lesson 1 Slides 1

    • Lesson 1 Video 2 (Amma's Message)

    • Lesson 1 Slides 2

    • Lesson 1 Video 3 (Amritavarsham Ceremony)

    • Lesson 1 Worksheets

    • Closing Prayers for World Peace

  • 7

    Week 1: Instructional Lecture Video

    • Week 1: Instructional Lecture Video

  • 8

    Week 2: Family

    • Invocation Prayer

    • Lesson 2 Video 1 (Introduction)

    • Lesson 2 Slides 1

    • Lesson 2 Video 2 (Chocolate Samastah!)

    • Lesson 2 Slides 2

    • Lesson 2 Video 3 (Amma with Kids)

    • Lesson 2 Slides 3

    • Lesson 2 Worksheets

    • Closing Prayers for World Peace

  • 9

    Week 2: Instructional Lecture Video

    • Week 2: Instructional Lecture Video

  • 10

    Week 3: Health

    • Invocation Prayer

    • Lesson 3 Slides 1

    • Lesson 3 Video (AIMS Hospital)

    • Lesson 3 Slides 2

    • Lesson 3 Worksheets

    • Closing Prayers for World Peace

  • 11

    Week 3: Instructional Lecture Video

    • Week 3: Instructional Lecture Video

  • 12

    Week 4: Bhakti - Devotion

    • Invocation Prayer

    • Lesson 4 Video 1 (Krishna Jayanti in Amritapuri)

    • Lesson 4 Slides 1

    • Lesson 4 Video 2 (Amma's Teachings)

    • Lesson 4 Slides 2

    • Lesson 4 Slides 3

    • Lesson 4 Video 3 (Amma Dancing)

    • Lesson 4 Slides 4

    • Lesson 4 Video 4 (Amma singing Radhe Krishna)

    • Lesson 4 Worksheets

    • Closing Prayers for World Peace

  • 13

    Week 4: Instructional Lecture Video

    • Please Read! Regarding Lesson 4 Instructional Video.

  • 14


    • Closing Survey

    • Closing Remarks

Student Essay:

Sudha, Amritabhaasha: Part 1

Ammade joli enthanu?

Darshanam kodukkan Amma lokam yatra cheyunnu. Alinganam, sneham, mantra diksham, vibhutiyum, chocolatum kodukkan Amma valare samayam kaselayil irrikkunnu. Amma ella karyangallum prasanavum anyeshyikunnu sankalpikunnu; arogyam adhyatmikam, grihastam jivitha karyangale patti updeshikunnu. Ella jivajalangalilyekku srishtiyekku Amma bhajanam, white flower dhyanam cheyunnu. Asuptrigal, vidhyalyangal, ashramangal, anathalayangal, mother's kitchenangal Ammayude projectugal undu. Nammude Amma visva Maatavu anu.

Translation - What is Amma's job?

Amma travels the world to give darshan. Amma sits for a long time on a chair to give a hug, love, mantra, sacred ash, and chocolate. Amma enquires about all our problems, health, spirituality, family and other matters in our life. She makes a divine resolve and advises us on these matters. Amma leads the White Flower Meditation for all living beings and the entire creation. Amma's projects include hospitals, schools, ashrams, orphanages, and Mother's Kitchen. Our mother is mother to all.

Instructor: Amritapushpa

Malayalam Instructor

Amritapushpa N.

Amritapushpa is a Native Malayalam speaker who speaks multiple languages and volunteers her time and experience in service to Amma and her devotees.

Amritabhaasha is a devotional experience

Deepen your sadhana and connection with Amma. Weave Malayalam lessons centered around Amma into your life!