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Bhajans are a form of devotional singing based on traditional Indian classical ragas. We will begin the course with an introduction to Indian classical music along with an overview of the significance of Bhajans. Four ragas will be covered along with Bhajans in each of those ragas. The course also provides training in voice modulation, shruthi (pitch), and practice exercises.

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Instructors - Devotional Singing: Level 1

Ratna K.

Ratna, along with her siblings, met Amma at a very young age. They were blessed to have Amma teach them to sing when they were children. Before meeting Amma, Ratna learned Indian classical music from both Hindustani and Carnatic traditions. But, she says the music came to life for her only after meeting Amma.

As Amma encouraged Ratna to compose songs and sing along with her, Ratna felt she could use the classical music concepts she’d learned earlier and apply them to bhajans. This brought a more fulfilling, devotional experience to her singing. It is this learning and experience that Ratna hopes to share with everyone in this course.

Brahmachari Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

Brahmachari Ramanandamrita Chaitanya met Amma at the age of three. He is a monastic disciple who was fortunate to grow up at Amma's ashram from a very young age. He directs M.A. Centers Eastern North America. He also travels, conducting satsangs in various cities and talks at universities, sharing Amma's message of selfless service and love.

He has written and composed many devotional songs, or bhajans, and can often be heard singing alongside Amma during many bhajans. He is a PhD graduate in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

"Children, sing from the depth of your hearts.

Let the heart melt in prayer. The joy of singing the Lord's name is unique. This bhajan is for us to pour out all our heart's accumulated dirt. Leave aside all shyness and open your hearts to God."

- Amma

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Unit - Part A

    • Opening Prayer

    • Important Information & How to Contact Us

    • Welcome to Devotional Singing

    • Welcome Letter

    • Contemplation

  • 2

    Welcome Unit - Part B (Resources & Getting Started)

    • Course Structure

    • Tips for Studying Vocals

    • Tanpura App Suggestion & 'How To' Video

    • Metronome App Suggestion

    • Talent & Practice

    • Resource - Wikipedia Glossary of Carnatic Music Terms

  • 3

    Saraswati Puja

    • Lighting the Lamp of Knowledge

    • Lyrics - Sakala Kala Devate

    • Audio - Sakala Kala Devate

    • Special Puja

    • First Assignment: Share a Practice Space or Lamp Photo

  • 4

    Class 1 - Lesson 1: Indian Classical Music & Basic Concepts (Video Lecture)

    • A Quick Note

    • Devotional Singing - Video Lecture #1

    • Class 1 - Lecture Notes

  • 5

    Class 1 - Lesson 2: Singing "Guru Charanam"

    • Directions & Preparations: Singing 's' 'p' 'ṡ'

    • Practice Singing "Guru Charanam" in Shruti 6 / A

    • Practice Singing "Guru Charanam" in Shruti 6.5 / A#

    • Practice Singing "Guru Charanam" in Shruti 7 or B

    • Practice Singing "Guru Charanam" in Shruti 1 or C

    • Congratulations!

  • 6

    Class 1 - Lesson 3: Singing "Om Namah Shivaya"

    • Directions

    • Practice Singing "Om Namah Shivaya" in Shruti 5.5 or G#

    • Practice Singing "Om Namah Shivaya" in Shruti 6 or A

    • Practice Singing "Om Namah Shivaya" in Shruti 6.5 or A#

    • Practice Singing "Om Namah Shivaya" in Shruti 7 or B

  • 7

    Class 1 - Lesson 4: Singing Your First Raga, Shankarabharanam

    • Singing Raga Shankarabharanam Scales (Arohanam & Avarohanam)

    • Question: Raga or Ragam?

    • Practice Exercise #1: Singing the Raga with 3 Swaras

    • Practice Exercise #2: More Singing the Raga with 3 Swaras

    • Practice Exercise #3: Sarali Varisai in Shankarabharanam (3 Speeds)

    • Practice Exercise #4: Sarali Varisai in Shankarabharanam (3 Speeds)

  • 8

    Class 1 - Lesson 5: Singing Raga Kalyani

    • Singing Raga Kalyani Scales (Arohanam & Avarohanam)

    • Practice Exercise #5: Sarali Varisai in Kalyani (3 Speeds)

    • Practice Exercise #6: Sarali Varisai in Kalyani (3 Speeds)

  • 9

    Class 1 - Submit Your Assignments!

    • Details

    • How to Submit a Video/Audio Assignment

    • Class 1 - Assignment A Upload

    • Class 1 - Assignment B Upload

  • 10

    Class 2 - Lessons 1 to 4: More on Ragas & Bhajans

    • Lesson 1: More on Singing in Shruti (Revisiting Concepts)

    • Lesson 2: More on Swaras and Swarasthanas (Revisiting Concepts)

    • Lesson 3: Classification of Ragas (Types of Ragas)

    • Lesson 4: Classification of Swaras (16 Swaras)

  • 11

    Class 2 - Lesson 5: More on Concepts (Video Lecture)

    • Devotional Singing - Video Lecture #2

    • Class 2 - Lecture Notes

    • Question: Taal, Taala or Taalam?

    • About the Following PDF on Melakartha Ragas

    • Melakartha Ragas in Carnatic Music

  • 12

    Class 2 - Submit Your Assignments!

    • Class 2 - Assignment A Upload

    • Class 2 - Assignment B Upload

  • 13

    Class 3 - Lesson 1: The Essence of Music - With Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri

    • The Essence of Music - With Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri

  • 14

    Class 3 - Lesson 2: More Bhajan Practice - Singing in Shruti & Learning the Taal

    • Devotional Singing - Video Lecture #3, Part 1

    • Devotional Singing - Video Lecture #3, Part 2

    • Class 3 - Lecture Notes (Bhajan Handout for Video Lecture #3)

  • 15

    Class 3 - Submit Your Assignment!

    • Class 3 Assignment Upload

  • 16

    Class 4: Singing with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya - Ragas, Bhajans & Gamakas

    • Devotional Singing - Video Lecture #4, Part 1 (Feelings & Moods from Ragas)

    • Devotional Singing - Video Lecture #4, Part 2 (Gamakas - Vocal Techniques for Bhajan Styles)

    • Devotional Singing - Video Lecture #4, Part 3 (Additional Tips)

    • Class 4 - Lecture Notes (Slides for Video Lecture #4)

  • 17

    Class 4 - Submit Your Assignment!

    • Class 4 Assignment Upload!

  • 18

    Closing Ceremony

    • Closing Ceremony Assignment

    • Sakala Kala Devate - Lyrics and Meaning

    • Sakala Kala Devate - Recording

    • Closing Assignment A: Sing Bhajans with Swami Dayamritananda Puri

    • Closing Assignment B: Sing Bhajans with a Friend!

  • 19


    • Closing Survey

    • Before You Go...

    • Closing Prayers

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